Hospitality in a Co-working Space


‘Co-working’ has been a buzzed-about term invading the work scene everywhere. With the mass uprising of co-working spaces and service offices emerging from every hotspot in every major city, any positive trait that sets one apart becomes a crucial advantage. In response to this, a number of co-working spaces has taken a unique approach by embracing service and hospitality into their brand such as Colony in Kuala Lumpur, The Great Room in Singapore and Nest in Dubai. Similarly, hotel giants, such as Marriott and Hilton, are realigning the impression of their space with a relevant environment and design to be a part of the co-working scene.

The practice of hospitality provides an efficient support system that comes with certain characteristics, which would construct a strong human connection between patrons and a co-working space. This personal connection would influence a guest much more than any price tag or product. Good service and hospitality goes a long way in elevating any brand.

Therefore, what are the characteristics of service and hospitality that would be beneficial in a co-working space? How does one portray a balanced 5-star concierge environment?

1. Consistency

Carrying out an array of procedures consistently to make certain that misunderstandings do not happen between guests and staffs. Inconsistent actions by different personnel may lead patrons to think that there are preferential treatments or vice versa towards certain guests. Thus, it is important to have an efficient standard of procedure within a co-working space.

2. Responsiveness

Be quick thinking in handling any unexpected situations. Be it instantly calling a maintenance person when there is a water leakage, or even handing out a dry towel or slippers to a guest that had gotten soaked by unforeseen rain during his or her commute to work. These actions would gain the trust and admiration from guests in and out of the co-working space. Issues that specifically inconvenience guests should be the first to be solved. Any complaints by guests should be taken seriously and resolved in order to improve service. For instance, we at Colony insist on keeping our guests happy and appeased. Every week, we have a huddle session where every issue concerning our co-working space is shared by each personnel and then dealt with together as a team.

3. Personal Touch

The key to having that human connection with a guest is by doing something unexpected, to make them happy and or to feel special. This kind of feats would make them feel welcome and appreciated as a guest in a co-working space. A small token of appreciation such as confectioneries on their birthdays or even a hot cup of tea when a guest is under the weather would be memorable and valued by patrons.

4. Perceptiveness

It is necessary to understand and get to know your guests. Make it a habit to learn their daily practices and it would be valuable to clue in on their temperament and body language. Knowing when a guest does not want to be disturbed, is feeling unwell or troubled would assist in anticipating what a guest might require. It would be even better to be familiar with their profession or their company’s industry and their preferred amenities.

By delivering excellent hospitality and service, a co-working space would have a cohesive and serene environment that serves as a magnet to pull interested parties. Comparable to the notion that customers are always right, in a co-working space, it should be evident that guests always comes first. Here at Colony, we strive to create a luxurious and hospitable atmosphere where our guests would find our space comparable to globally prominent high-end hotels.


By Thirumagal Sathasevam for Colony