5 Key Etiquette Rules in Co-working


Co-working allows you to meet and interact with different people from different walks of life. This nature of work environment allows you to network and mingle around; however, it also leaves you in the dark about the decorum of the people that you are surrounded with. The essential rule to remember here is that anyone and everyone should try their utmost to be considerate. Behaving at your best illustrates that you play your part in producing a conducive environment for everyone in a co-working space. Here are some essential etiquette rules that one should adopt to maintain a peaceful co-working atmosphere.

Mind your volume

It is crucial for everyone to manage their noise level, especially in open areas and shared spaces. Be mindful of your phone calls and ringtones, conversations with clients or friends, as well as loud movements of either your chairs or belongings. Most of the time, it depends on the noise policy of a co-working space. Some spaces tend to have a more ‘library feel’ than others, so perhaps you should observe the space for a few days before deciding on your noise level.

Positive energy

Try to be friendly and keep an open mind. Being rude and short-tempered would ruin the experience for other people who are also working in the co-working space. Aside from that, be wary of the energy that you portray, no one wants to sit beside a moody and sullen person. A grumpy person in a room could affect the entire vibe of a co-working space. Alternatively, you should also not interrupt a person who seems occupied.

Monopolizing amenities and services

One of the greatest perks of using a co-working space is that you get to utilize some awesome facilities such as nap rooms, massage room and the must have meeting rooms. Nevertheless, you should always remember that co-working spaces are communal spaces; therefore, we should be considerate of our fellow mates in the area. Do not overbook or misuse any amenities. Remember to cancel your reservations if you have decided that you do not want to use a meeting room or massage service. There could be other folks wanting a similar time slot for those specific services.

Organized and clean

Remember to organize your stuff and clean your workspace whenever you are in a co-working area. No one wants to work on a crumb-scattered desk or amongst a messy mountain of scrunched up papers. Tidy up your items after using a certain area. It is the courteous thing to do.

Spread the word

Finally, if you love the co-working space that you are in, it would be best for you to share and promote about it. This allows other individuals to discover the co-working space that you are in and could potentially build networking and business relationships. You also have the chance to bring with you a colleague or friend that you enjoy the company of to work with. This leads to your work environment being a more gratifying place to work in.

Whenever you are facing a dilemma regarding your actions. The easiest way to understand how to act in a co-working space is to acknowledge your own feelings. What would irritate or inconvenience you? Once you have figured that out, then the sensible thing to do would be to avoid any sort of actions in a co-working space that would invoke disgruntled feelings.


By Thirumagal Sathasevam for Colony