Colony KLCC : A Closer Look (Part 1)


Colony KLCC is Colony’s flagship serviced office and co-working space. Aiming to transform the landscape of work in the region, here is a closer look at its KLCC office space.

Colony KLCC was designed with the theme of a modern gentleman’s club. With luxury and comfort being of the essence, the space was designed to be a space where living and working can go hand in hand.


Signage along the road direct guests towards Colony.

Colony is located on the first floor of Vipod Residences. It is right above Oribe, with a lift that exclusively heads up to Colony. Stepping out of the lift, guests will be greeted by the Colony logo.

Colony signboard greets guests as soon as they step out of the lift.


To increase the comfort of guests, and to allow them a little pick me up during working hours, a pantry area and a little dining area is located to the right of the lift. The pantry area contains a little kitchenette that consists of a fridge, a microwave, a hot water dispenser, and a sink.

The counter-top next to the sink.

The shelves that decorate the pantry area.


Cafe area

Stepping into the lounge area, guests will be greeted by wafts of the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Espressolab brews up fresh coffee in the lounge; and is located next to Bold Grains, who serves up appetizing food and beverages. The floor to ceiling windows offer impressive views and provide amazing natural lighting into the space.  A comfortable and spacious seating area also allows guests ample room to kick back and relax.

Have a cuppa or grab a bite at the cafe area.

The spread during one of our events

Reception Area

On the other side of the lounge is the reception area.Colony’s friendly community managers are there to provide you with whatever assistance you require. Be it for bookings of the meeting room, massage service, postal services, or even just for a quick chat; the community managers will always be at your service.

Colony’s lobby and meeting rooms

Cosy sitting area at the lobby.

One of the tables in our lounge during a Breakfast Day organised by Colony.

Meeting rooms are located right on the top of the reception area.

Kids Play Area, ‘Russell’

We know that the top priority for all parents are their children, and we know that sometimes life gets in the way. To provide peace of mind for parents, we have prepared a dedicated play area for kids. To allow for more security the kids play area is located behind a glass door right next to the reception counter. However, parental supervision is still required.

Let your kids roam freely in Russell, our kids play area named after our favorite character in the movie ‘UP’

Work or eat while being able to supervise your kids in Russell, a dedicated play area in Colony

Meeting Rooms

Colony has three dedicated meeting rooms, namely Curie, Earhart and Colombus. If you haven’t guessed already, they are named after famous colonisers and explorers. The meeting rooms are available for booking by all Colony guests and also for anyone looking to book meeting rooms. Contact us for more information.

The meeting rooms within Colony KL

Colony’s meeting room, Curie that sits up to 8 pax

One of Colony’s meeting room that sits up to 8 pax

Marie Curie was one of the inspirations for the name of our meeting rooms

Have a work meeting at Colombus, a meeting room in Colony that sits up to 16 persons

Colony is designed for guests utmost comfort and satisfaction, and this is apparent in every minute detail.

Look forward to Part 2 to get a closer look of Colony KLCC


By Yao Victoria for Colony