Our Vision

Colony wants to revolutionise the work experience.

We want to transform the work experience with beautiful serviced office spaces, and world-class amenities.

We want to form the office of the future.

After spending years in the corporate working environment, we want to change the dreary and mundane offices that represent our workplaces today with beautiful serviced offices. To achieve this vision, we started Colony KLCC. Equipped with a rooftop gym and pool with stunning views of the KL city skyline, it marked our first step in achieving our vision.

The only way to continue the vision is to continue expanding. As such, Colony was not meant to be just one location, but many locations, both locally and abroad.

In every location that follows, one theme will run true.

Service and hospitality will be at the forefront of Colony. This theme will be continually emphasised and reflected in every aspect of Colony, down to even the most minute of details. From the design of the spaces, to the placement of each object the wants and needs of guests come first.

We want guests to be able to have the best of both worlds. To have a work-life balance in this modern era where technology has blurred the lines is no easy feat, and each Colony space will be designed with designated work and relaxation areas.

We want guests to be happy. We put aside a happiness fund for Colony employees to use on guests whenever they see the need. Be it through a little mid week pick-me-up, or a little birthday token, we will continually put our best effort in ensuring that the comfort of our guests is taken care of.

From here on out, this is where we will be heading.

This is our vision.

Even as we continue expanding, in each location that follows, this vision will ring true.


By Yao Victoria for Colony