What is a serviced office?


Serviced offices have been around since the late 1980’s. However, many of us are still unclear over what a it actually is. What exactly entails a serviced office?

Essentially, a serviced office is the envy of traditional offices. It is an office with added benefits.

Move-in ready

A serviced office provides move-in ready office spaces. There is no renovation needed. As no renovation is required, there is little to no downtime for businesses moving into serviced office.

Black and white-themed decorations in one of Colony’s private offices

Utilities provided

In serviced offices, all basic utilities like water, electricity, and internet are fully covered in the all-inclusive rent. The serviced office provider is fully in charge of providing and maintaining the connectivity of all utilities. This grants tenants peace of mind without having the stress of having to keep abreast of multiple bills.

Furnished with basic office furniture

A serviced office comes pre-furnished with basic office furnishing. Most serviced office providers provide desks, and office chairs for its occupants. Some might also provide a chest of drawers within the office. Unless you are looking to upgrade the furnishings within the office, there is no need to go furniture shopping.

Reception area

Most serviced offices also provide a reception area with a dedicated receptionist. This frees up time spent dealing with minor administrative tasks like signing for parcels, and accepting phone calls. It also means that you do not have to deal with minor tasks yourself, as someone will be handling these for you.

Various office sizes

Serviced offices come in varying office sizes. This enables it to be able to accommodate companies of various sizes. Depending on the serviced office provider, most are able to accommodate up to 30 workstations within a single serviced office, some even up to 50 or 100!


Working in a serviced office means that you will be working alongside other companies. This gives you the opportunity to connect and network with others without even having to step out of the office. While some might view this as an intrusion of privacy, the great thing about serviced offices is that you can always just retreat to your office when you want some time alone.

In conclusion, serviced offices are not that big of a mystery, and are in fact the traditional offices’ overachieving sibling. However, if you still have some confusion or doubt regarding serviced offices, please do not hesitate to contact us through the live chat function.


By Yao Victoria for Colony