Colony: More than just a Serviced Office KL

Colony aims to redefine the work experience of work in Malaysia and beyond. Here is how Colony sets itself apart from the traditional serviced office kl.

Traditionally, an office is related with white walls, packed cubicles, dreary mundane workstations, and stress. People usually dread having to go to the office.

However, at Colony co-working space and serviced office, we want you to look forward to going to work everyday. We want you to be excited to start off work, be productive and get ahead of your competitors no matter which field you are in.

More than just a serviced office, Colony aims to go beyond that to create a workplace that you would look forward to, to provide you a conducive environment in order inspire creativity in you at the office.

Step into Colony KLCC to find a cafe area where you will be wafted away by the warm aroma of coffee and food, and greeted by the warm smiles of our cheerful community managers. The elegant and classy interior matched with the warmth of the people in Colony creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Hospitality is one of the core values of Colony.

We want to make the office a place that you would look forward to return to. As such, our community managers always look for opportunities to brighten your day, to make your stay the the office just that much better.

A work-life balance is always at the top of our minds. We would all love to be able to work, play, and relax in the same area.

Knowing this, Colony KLCC has designed relaxation areas for our guests. Companies and individuals that are guests at Colony believe that the key to productivity is to have happy employees, and one of the ways to keep employees happy is to provide them with staff benefits that they can enjoy.

Research has proven that power naps greatly boost productivity, alertness, and increases mental power. As such, the Colony serviced office space was designed with nap rooms that are available for use by all guests.

Take a rest and laze about in a hammock in the nap room

Kick back, relax and take 40 winks on the sofa

The Colony co-working space is also different in the sense that a massage room is just a corridor away. Just inform the community manager when you want a massage, pick out a spa package and they will sort out all the nitty-gritty details like the bookings and registrations for you.

Let a professional push your knots away in the spacious massage room

In our hectic lives, it is increasingly hard to be able to lead an active lifestyle. We want our guests to be able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Colony KLCC is the only serviced office in KL to have a rooftop pool and gym with full view of the KL city skyline.

Take a dip in the pool with the Twin Towers in the background

Colony is more than just a serviced office or co-working space. Colony redefines working and makes work a lifestyle.


By Yao Victoria for Colony