Launch party of Colony co-working space KL

Colony had a housewarming party to officially launch our co-working space on the 27th of July 2017.

The launch was scheduled to start at 5pm. However guests started to trickle in around 4pm as they were so excited to see the space.

We wanted the guests to have ample time to mingle freely about and explore all the areas of Colony. As such, the only thing on the agenda for the night was a welcoming speech by our co-founder, Timothy Tiah.

And mingle about they did, Colony was a buzz of activity and sounds of conversation and laughter filled the space the entire night.

We would like to thank all the people involved in making the launch a success.

Bold Grains, our cafe operators, for the absolutely amazing spread of finger food.

Espressolab, our coffee operators, for the tasty and refreshing drinks.

Heniken , for sponsoring the beer for the night

Strongbow , for sponsoring the ciders for the night

Soirée Lab, for styling the event and staging the rooms

Careen Tan , the emcee for the night

Hoe and Yin , for the conceptualization and creation of Colony into the beauty that it now is.

Carol Yong , and 90k Studio for being the photographers and videographers for the night and capturing the amazing memories we created that night.

Most importantly, we would like to thank all the guests for taking time out of their day to attend the launch. Without your attendance, all our preparation would have been in vain.

Below are some snippets of the launch.

Welcome all guests to the launch of Colony!