Season’s Greetings!

Season’s Greetings!

December 24, 2017Blog Posts

Seasons greetings from all of us at Colony


Happy Winter Solstice Festival!

The Winter Solstice Festival signifies the passing o the harshest point of winter, or the yin, and the increasing of the yang. May it also be in your life, that the yin will decrease, and the yang will increase as with the arrival of spring.

Colony Co-working space wishes everyone a happy winter solstice festival
Happy Winter Solstice Festival!


Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Tree in the Lounge of Colony co-working space
The Christmas tree in the Colony Lounge

Christmas marks a time of giving, gifting, and great cheer. Christmas is a time of getting together and a time of merry. In conjunction with this wonderful season, Colony prepared a small gift for its guests to bring some cheer.


The gifts from Colony to its guests


The guests looking happy with their gifts
Colony guests looking happy with their gifts


Picha Christmas

On the 8th of December 2017, Colony partnered with The Picha Project for a Picha Christmas. The Picha Project is a social enterprise that aims to empower marginalized communities in Malaysia through a sustainable food catering and delivery business.


Guests were treated to sumptuous dishes prepared by refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, as well as their amazing stories of resilience and strength. Below are some snippets of what happened during the night.

The turkey being carved in Colony co-working space


The crowd in Colony co-working space and serviced office
The guests for A Picha Christmas


The food being prepared
The food being prepared


The guests at the buffet spread
The guests at the buffet spread


Once again, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a Happy Winter Solstice Festival.


By Yao Victoria for Colony