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Want to let clients know that you mean business – even if you’re actually working from home? Sign up for a Virtual Office KL plan with us.

What is a Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur? 

A Virtual Office KL is part of the flexible workspace that we provide businesses with a combination of useful services, space and/or technology, without your businesses having to bear the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

Let us take care of your professional front by providing you with a reputable business address and managing all incoming and outgoing mail on your behalf.

Set up a VIRTUAL OFFICE KL with us today!


Business Address

A prestigious address in prime business locations

Mail Handling Services

Our value-added service to you

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Colony Playground For Kids | Colony
Colony Cafe Coffee | Colony
Colony | Colony KLCC : A Closer Look (Part 4) 4

General Amenities

We want you to enjoy coming to work. Here are some things you can look forward to:

In-House Cafe
Worried about working on an empty stomach? Our in-house cafe offers reasonably priced meals that are healthy and delicious.
Available in KLCC and Eco City.
Swimming Pool
When life throws you lemons, just keep swimming. Take a breather from work with a few laps in a pool overlooking the city. Let the water wash your stress away.
Available in KLCC only. Extra charges apply.
Sky Gym
Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is no longer an abstract concept with a rooftop gym. Work out with full view of the KL city skyline.
Available in KLCC only. Extra charges apply.
Nap Rooms
A comfortable nap area invites you to take a breather from work in a world of dreams.
Available in KLCC and Eco City.
Massage room
Unwind those knots and increase brain power with a visit to the massage room.
Available in KLCC only. Extra charges apply.
Lactation room
No more hiding in restrooms. Feed your baby in a private booth with curtains and a cozy chair.
Available in KLCC only.
Kids playroom
Bring your kids to work in our custom playroom with designated workstations.
Available in KLCC and Eco City.


As a society, we’ve made so much progress in the last 20 years, but the only thing that hasn’t been brought up to speed is the way we work. Offices and feel the same today as they did 2 decades ago.

Meanwhile, millennials and the new workforce are increasingly placing an importance on a great work environment in choosing jobs, contributing to the problems companies have in finding good talent. At Colony, we want to help people find happiness at work and help companies find great people.

Our mission is to empower life at work where work no longer feels like work but another part of your awesome life.


Does it sound awesome? Book a tour and be wowed by the virtual office of the future.