The Pivotal Role of Human Resource Management


Not everyone appreciates the importance of an excellent human resource team. Regular employees often overlook the work of HR and take them for granted. However, a company can’t achieve its full potential without the help of HR.

Good human resource management is vital for employee engagement, healthy work culture, and keeping everyone energized and productive. Here are the reasons why human resource management is essential:

Employee retention

One of HR’s duties is to keep the company staff happy and satisfied. This means they have to keep employees engaged by maintaining a friendly workplace atmosphere or a healthy work culture.

HR also implements employee benefit programs to retain the best employees and attract new talent. Another way to keep employees happy is to hold events and celebrations to improve the overall relationship within the company.

Recruitment and training

Human resource is known to provide support to hiring managers during recruitment. The HR team is responsible for coming up with a systematic hiring process, creating job descriptions, planning a proper recruitment process and many more.

Regarding training, the HR team also has the role of sharpening the skills of employees. According to the needs of the organization, HR will provide the right training so employees can improve or take up new roles.

Conflict management

When there are disputes in the company, the HR team are the people you seek.

HR is the mediator between employees and employers. First, they listen to the problems of both parties. Then, they think of solutions to settle the conflict. They are responsible for solving issues before things get out of hands.

Talent management

The role of supervising talent management belongs to HR.

The HR team is responsible for managing the development of employees, performance and the other aspects of talent management. It requires teamwork between both HR, managers and executive staff to execute strategies effectively.

Public relations

Developing good relationship ties with people and other business sectors is the responsibility of HR. The establishment of between the company and the public is done by preparing marketing strategies and organizing meetings, seminars and official gatherings.


Without HR, an organization will suffer due to poor management. It is for companies to put some effort into setting up a proper HR team.