Workspace Features That Employees Would Love


Long gone are the days where cubicles made up the ideal scene for the workplace. As technology pervade and influence our daily lives, it is currently obvious that tech companies are currently at the top of the food chain in terms of employment. Tech companies are known for having swanky open spaces as their work environment fused with cool occupational perks that not only serves to heighten work productivity but also to attract the best of talent.

With work being a large part of an individual’s life, it is quite unsurprising how one would take serious notes about the place they would like to work in. With fresh talent flooding the professional world every day, it is crucial for an organization to appeal to the mass of people looking for a job. Having a workspace that attracts a wage earner allows a company to pick the cream of the crop.

Listed below are the top features in a workspace that appeals to people.

Natural Light

This might seem like an odd aspect to be of significance in a workplace, but it has been said that natural sunlight boosts work productivity, reduces anxiety, decreases stress, improves mood and provides employees with more sleep. Plus, it is fairly common sense that most people do not wish to toll most of their day in a dreary confined room. Work can often be stressful and even depressing at times, a little sunshine from time to time could make someone’s day a little better.

Food and Beverage

Coffee and Tea are literal lifesavers for employees at times. Having a coffee shop or café close by would be convenient for people to refresh and regain needed energy. It would be even better if there were a variety of food options nearby the workplace, especially ranging in price and diversity. It would be a bore to have to eat similar meals every day and worse, a chore to have to pack lunch.


Most workplaces involve sitting and staring at your laptop for long hours. Imagine having to cope with a bumpy chair or a dysfunctional desk while going about your workday. It would not only be incredibly annoying, but would also create unwanted stress and body aches. A proper and comfortable chair is necessary to ensure good posture and higher productivity. This goes the same for a desk; something that is too flimsy or too bulky could intrude in your way of getting important work done.


The basic needs for an office often includes restrooms and a pantry. While these two amenities may suffice for some people, it is decidedly something that is outdated to only have these two features. Current modern work environments often include nap rooms, telephone booths, massage rooms and even a playroom as well as a nursing room for working parents. To attract the best of talents and provide a better work-life balance, it is evident that an organization should up their game when it comes to providing amenities for employees.