‘Follow your passion’ is an expression that always pops up when it comes to picking a profession or maintaining a career. Passion is defined as an intense interest or desire for doing something. Why is this seven-letter word so significant in determining whether one should stick to their day job or not?

1. Passion leads to focus

With passion, one tends to give it their all in their work. Every detail matters to them, as their work is not considered a chore but a task that they would gladly complete with utmost care and precision until the end. When one is passionate about their work, it is easy to be deeply absorbed in the task and to be unperturbed by any distractions or interference.

2. Passion opens up creativity

Passion allows an individual to complete a task while utilizing all resources. Creative juices gets flowing when one is deeply into the work that he or she is assigned to. There are no barriers or a single way out when it comes to problem solving. Creativity and ingenuity that is channeled by passion is an aid in this sort of situation.

3. Passion brings excellence

When one is passionate about their work, they would only settle for excellence. Enthusiasm about a job or trade would permit an individual to strive and bring about the best outcome possible in any given task. It would not be enough to complete a task; it becomes an obligation to provide the best result or solution possible.

4. Passion energizes you

Who needs coffee when you’ve got passion?! Passion invigorates you and gives you the energy needed to finish any errands. You wake up every morning looking forward to your work and the satisfaction that it brings. You would even stay up late or work overtime because you feel that you have the strength and will to finish a task as soon and as efficiently as possible..