Boosting Networking Skills in a Co-working Space


One of the greatest perks most people look up to when working in a co-working space is the chance to network. Thriving in a space that offers the opportunity to mingle with folks from different companies and fields can bring about a multitude of business or even personal benefits. So, how does one take hold of these benefits?

Nobody wants to be that awkward little birdie that chirps in at inappropriate moments or a chatterbox that interrupts an individual’s personal space. Hence, it is quite evident that one should recognize the approaches to having a natural form of conversation in order to initiate the magic of networking.

The most significant attribute to a spontaneous tête-à-tête is to be genuine. Here are several tips in guiding you to a lead in networking.

1. Prompting a conversation

Greet someone or initiate some small talk. It could even be a simple “Good Morning” while queuing up for coffee or while waiting for some photocopies at the concierge. Take part in community events conducted in the co-working space. Any form of relationship begins with a small step. Small talk could often begin with almost any kind of topic such as a recent controversial news issue or something simple like the weather. These small talks could build up into a greater dynamic, which then stimulates into the greater form that is networking.

2. Share and communicate

Co-working spaces are in a simpler term, revolutionized offices. What has been revolutionized is mainly the use of open spaces. Working in these open spaces have been proven a catalyst in promoting productivity. Another valuable function of open spaces would be the sharing of information. Be it tips on dealing with a stressful colleague or exposing new lunch spots around town. You never know when someone might response similarly one day and give you some helpful details too.

3. Join forces

Once you have a few connections, you could exchange services. Such as offering your services as an event manager to someone who needs to host an event, or receiving contact details of an interior designer that you might need for a set design. One of the main reason people are so desperate to network is essentially to create business, therefore, having important ties leads to this creation of revenue.

4. Self-promotion

There are many other ways to let people know what you do other than handing out business cards, especially when you are in a co-working space. You could always wear lanyards or use stationery that have your company logos or URL. This could enhance networking without having to even approach a person. A laptop cover or notebook personifying your company could intrigue a nearby person’s interest when you are working in the café or co-working area.

It is fairly common knowledge that many people are interested in co-working spaces due to the higher chances of meeting new people. It changes one’s perspective on daily work routines, by meeting different people everyday. At the same time, it widens your circle and improves business prospects. Thus, utilizing these tips ensures that you can manoeuvre your way in networking in a co-working space.


By Thirumagal Sathasevam for Colony