Month: May 2018

  • Happy Wesak Day

    May 29, 2018Colony Update

    Colony wishes you a Happy Wesak Day! Wesak Day is celebrated in honour of three notable events of the Buddha's life, which is his birth, enlightenment and death. This day is known to bring peace and happiness to everyone.

  • 5 Key Etiquette Rules in Co-working

    May 25, 2018Blog Posts

    Co-working allows you to meet and interact with different people from different walks of life. This nature of work environment allows you to network and mingle around; however, it also leaves you in the dark about the decorum of the people that you are surrounded with. The essential rule to remember here is that anyone and everyone should try their utmost to be considerate.

  • Reducing Stress by Co-working

    May 22, 2018Colony Update

    One of the most pessimistically linked term in regards to work is the word, stress. When your job seems like a never-ending spiral of heavy workload and long hours, it is almost certain for one to lose their calm. Now, co-working has been known for boosting productivity and improving focus on work. However, how does co-working actually help to reduce this common pest called stress?

  • Boosting Networking Skills in a Co-working Space

    May 18, 2018Colony Update

    One of the greatest perks most people look up to when working in a co-working space is the chance to network. Thriving in a space that offers the opportunity to mingle with folks from different companies and fields can bring about a multitude of business or even personal benefits. So, how does one take hold of these benefits?

  • Ramadan Mubarak

    May 15, 2018Colony Update

    As the sacred month of Ramadan disembarks, the practice of self-discipline in terms of not only food but also one’s thoughts, behavior, and language also begins. It is a period for individuals to be repentant, generous and reflective in their life. We at Colony would like to wish our fellow Muslim friends a wonderful Ramadan!

  • Happy Voting Day!

    May 8, 2018Colony Update

    A significant day that commences every four to five years in Malaysia is finally arriving once again. It is a time where every Malaysian citizen should exercise his or her right to vote. A personal decision that is strong enough to empower a change for a nation.

  • Hospitality in a Co-working Space

    May 3, 2018Colony Update

    With the mass uprising of co-working spaces and service offices emerging from every hotspot in every major city, any positive trait that sets one apart becomes a crucial advantage. In response to this, a number of co-working spaces has taken a unique approach by embracing service and hospitality.