Colony KLCC : A Closer Look (Part 3)


The Event Space in Colony KLCC is one of the most sought after event spaces in KL. Located on prime land in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the event space is easily accessible. Its high ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows adds a touch of class to any event.


When not booked for events, the event space functions as a lounge for all guests of Colony. The space is divided into a more formal area in the front, and a cosy bean bag area at the back. The custom-made furnishings enables the space to maintain Colony’s distinct professional and classy look and feel.

Kick back and relax in a lounge area

The lounge is split into two areas, a more classy area in the front, and a more cosy beanbag area at the back

There is always room to have small discussions in the lounge

Couches in the lounge area lends it a more relaxed feel

This area can also be converted into an event space

The corridor that leads into the event space

The lounge area is easily accessible from Colony’s private offices

Couches in the lounge area lends it a more relaxed feel

The event space is split into an open area and a beanbag area

The beanbag area is cosy yet professional

Guests at Colony can also choose to take a break from work by lounging at the beanbag area

Work together with your team in the lounge

On normal days, the event space doubles as a co-working area


Events can take many forms in Colony KLCC, and Colony wants to tailor each event to give you the best experience. Contact us to see how we will be able to make your event a dream come true.

Lecture styled events

Colony is a great venue to hosts talks, forums, and sharing sessions. Here are some examples of how the event space at Colony can be transformed in order to accommodate your needs.

One of the lecture-styled events held in Colony KLCC

A lecture-styled event by Raintree in Colony KLCC

The layout of the event space can be changed according to the needs of your event

A projector and projector screen hangs from the ceiling of the event space

Product Launches

Colony has had the honor to have been host to a few product launches. Product launches become a special affair at Colony as the prime location and the interior adds a touch of class to any event. Contact usto find out how we can make your product launch a success.

Dell hosted one of their product launches at Colony

Product launches are elevated at Colony

Colony adds a touch of flair to any event

One of the layouts that can be achieved in the event space in Colony

The spacious event space adds a touch of class and elegance to any event

An aerial view of the event space

Guests interacting and having fun during one of the events by Mont Blanc

An event by Furla in Colony KLCC

Colony’s event space is very versatile and can be transformed according to the needs of the event

Colony’s event space all dolled up for an event by YSL

We know how important events are here at Colony, and we want to help you to make your event a success. Contact us to know more details about pricing, catering, layout, and how we can ease your burden of event planning.


By Yao Victoria for Colony