Colony KLCC : A closer look (Part 2)


The essence of a co-working and serviced office space is the workstations. In this post, we take a closer look at what makes Colony KLCC a class above the rest.

Office Spaces


The office spaces are separated from the reception area by a glass door that opens out into Colony KLCC’s iconic long corridor. Little signs to the left and the right of the corridor direct guests to the different private offices available in the space.

the glass door opens up into the office spaces

Colony KLCC’s iconic long corridor

The iconic long corridor at Colony

Signs along the corridor direct guests to their offices

Private offices

The private offices in Colony can be customised according to your preferred style and size. The sizing for the private offices begin from 2 workstation offices. Every office comes equipped with ergonomic office chairs and desks. Contact us for more details regarding the pricing, sizing and rental.

One of our decorated private offices

Black and white-themed decorations in one of Colony’s private offices

Colony’s 2 work station office

An example of a standard 3 person office

Customise your office layout as you please.

One of the larger private offices in Colony KLCC

Co-working space

The co-working space provides individual seats for rental. A co-working space is space for you to be able to work alongside others in a shared space. This enables you to be able to acquire a sense of community and togetherness with your neighbors. It is also proven that co-working boosts productivity. Colony offers two types of

Reserved Desks Area

The reserved desks area is designed with floor to ceiling glass windows that provides ample natural lighting and views for the space. A mini lounge within the area also enables you to be able to take short breaks from work whenever you want. Designed for your utmost comfort, we have included plug points under the tables so that you wont need to fuss around with pesky wires.

Take a short break at the mini lounge located at the reserved desks area

Work alongside others in the reserved desks area

Work in a conducive environment in the reserved desks area

Reserved desks with a view of central KL at co-working space of Colony

The spacious reserved desks area of the co-working space

The spacious reserved desks area of the co-working space

Plug points under the desks for your utmost convenience

Open Hotdesks Area

Choosing to work in the open hotdesks area allows you to be able to roam freely and work in any of the open spaces within Colony KLCC. One such space is the spacious lounge. Split into a comfortable desks area and a beanbag area, you to be able to work without feeling the constraints of the four walls of the office.

This area can also be converted into an event space

Lounge and work in a comfortable area

Lounge around in our spacious and comfortable open hotdesks area

The open hotdesks area doubles up as an event space

The lounge is also a hot desking area

A discussion going on in the open hotdesking area

Work together with your team

The cafe area also doubles up as a hot desking area

Discuss ideas, and generate new plans and proposals within the open hotdesking area

Look forward to Part 3 to find out more about Colony KLCC


By Yao Victoria for Colony