How to Succeed at a Start-Up


Working at a startup isn’t all fun and games, let alone running one. Start-ups are usually the most easiest to begin, even so, the build-up is just as easy as the fall. Just like Colony, we are a start-up chasing success everyday!

1. Roll-up-your-sleeves mentality.

Since you’ll be working with a small team and always tackling new challenges as they arise, the phrase “that’s not my job,” should never be in your lexicon.

Come to the interview prepared to provide examples of past activities or work experiences in which you rolled up your sleeves to dig a little deeper into an issue or took on a task that wasn’t prescribed.

2. Be Proactive, Productive and Positive.

No matter how young or inexperienced you might be, the best part of working at a startup is that everyone has the potential to contribute in a big way. Demonstrate that you are always thinking ahead and uncovering opportunities to help move the business forward — even if it’s just as simple as cleaning up a process or report.

3. Be a strategist, not a bystander.

When building a concept from scratch, processes and objectives constantly evolve, so look at everything with a critical eye. Unlike your corporate counterparts, your mission is to unlock issues and identify opportunities for change and improvement. Even if you’re the most junior hire at the table and don’t feel comfortable challenging the status quo, look for informal opportunities to share insights with your team.

4. Good ideas are good. Developed ideas are game changing.

Got a great idea? Don’t just share it, show it. While you may be bursting at the seams with great ideas, execution and follow-through are key traits to success in the startup world. When you discuss your past achievements, be sure to highlight the times when you implemented changes or took on and oversaw new initiatives. These strong examples will show you have what it takes to be successful.

In conclusion, start-up success isn’t what many expect it to be. Although one thing is for sure, hard-work is just a small amount to pay in achieving your own ultimatum.


By Rahman, Aisha for Colony