5 Simple Tips to Boost Work Productivity


Productivity is critical to your success at work. Business owners, managers and executives all want to get the most from their employees. If you’re not performing as efficiently or effectively as others, your long-term job prospects could be in trouble.

1. Set your schedule for the next day the night before you leave the office.

Prioritize which tasks need to be completed. Even if you are interrupted by unexpected assignments or emergencies, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done when you return to your desk. Not only will a schedule help keep you organized and focused, you’ll get the satisfaction of crossing items off your “to do” list once you complete them.

2. Take a five-to-10 minute break whenever you feel mentally fatigued.

Take a short walk down the hall to the water cooler, or even take a short nap. Brief interludes from work can actually increase your productivity by getting your blood flowing and allowing you to return to your work with fresh eyes.

3. Impose deadlines on yourself, and stick to them.

As you would with a financial budget, budget your time to help you meet deadlines faster. Some people who thrive under deadlines even deliberately shorten their workday by 15 minutes to ensure optimum efficiency.

4. Track and limit how much time you’re spending on tasks.

You may think you’re pretty good at gauging how much time you’re spending on various tasks. However, some research suggests only around 17 percent of people are able to accurately estimate the passage of time. Always be savvy in managing your time, may it be eating or spending time your time in traffic, there are plenty of times you can take full advantage of work!

5. Be proactive, not reactive.

Allowing incoming phone calls and emails to dictate how you spend your day will mean you do a great job of putting out fires–but that may be all you get accomplished. Set aside time for responding to emails, but don’t let them determine what your day is going to look like. Have a plan of attack at the start of each day, and then do your best to stick to it.

In full retrospect of this article, work productivity fully depends on how an individual carries out their regime. Take a step back and analyse what you have to eliminate and what you have to add in your days, it might even be the secret to your own success!


By Rahman, Aisha for Colony