What is a co-working space?


Co-working is a worldwide phenomena that has brought change to the traditional office landscape. With many new co-working spaces mushrooming up all around the world, it begs the question, “What exactly is a co-working space?”

Essentially, a co-working space is a space where individuals come together and work together in a shared space.

No fuss required

Co-working spaces do not require its tenants to fuss about any of the nitty-gritty details like renovations, or furnishings. All they need to do is to bring your laptop, and the work can begin; waltz right in, get work done, and leave. All renovations, decorations, and furnishings are all pre-prepared.

Work alongside others in a fixed desk area

Worry-free workspace

Co-working spaces are run by management companies that handle all things office-related. The upkeep and maintenance of the building, furnishings and all its utilities are taken care of. Tenants do not need to be concerned about anything work-space related. This frees up more time for them to be able to focus on their work.

Work or eat while being able to supervise your kids in Russell, a dedicated play area in Colony KL

Flexible workstations

One of the most major attractive factors of co-working is that it allows its tenants to be flexible regarding the location of their workstations. Tenants can choose to work from a different location each day. However, they can also opt to work from a fixed location.

Reception area

Co-working spaces have a dedicated front desk that will help you with minor administrative tasks like signing for parcels and accepting phone calls. This frees up your time and grants you pace of mind.

Colony KL’s lobby and meeting rooms


Co-working spaces tend to have a strong sense of community. Its tenants can choose to form organic relationships as they work within the same work space. Therefore there are many networking opportunities within them.

Colony Kl’s tenants with their Christmas gifts from Colony

For all company sizes

Co-working spaces are able to accommodate varying amounts of people depending on the size of the location. They do not just cater to freelancers or people who work individually. Companies of varying sizes can also choose to work from them.

The meeting rooms within Colony KL

Choose your own rental period

Co-working spaces offer both short-term and long-term rental periods. This allows its tenants to be able to choose how long they want to stay at a particular location.

Decorations in Colony’s private office

To conclude, each co-working space is slightly different and unique in its own way, and there will be a space that will suit each individuals needs.


By Yao Victoria for Colony