How Colony helps you to achieve your New Years Resolutions


With the arrival of a brand new year, many of us have set new year resolutions.

Some have set some new fitness goals.

Many have resolved to set some time away to hit the gym and sweat it out in order to be a physically fitter version of themselves. While some want to achieve that elusive 6-pack, others have set these goals for health reasons. This is because exercising has been linked to a lower risk of cancer, dementia as well as depression. It is also linked with an increase in brain power.

No matter what the reason, we cannot deny the importance of exercise.

Harvard has even declared that regular exercise is part of your job

The availability of a rooftop gym at Colony co-working space and serviced office KL is able to help you in the process of achieving this. The sky gym just above your office enables you to workout at your convenience.

Work out in a well- equipped gym with full view of the KL city skyline

In addition, Colony co-working space and serviced office KL also has a sky pool that overlooks the vast KL city skyline. How many offices give you the opportunity to swim with the majestic Twin Towers in the background?

Others have resolved to eat healthier.

In the food haven that is Malaysia, eating healthy is never an easy feat. Especially with all the amazing local street food and 24-hour mamaks. However, eating healthy is important for our health. It has been linked to a boost in energy levels and mental health. Bold Grains, by The Healthy Food People provides healthy food alternatives for all within Colony co-working space and serviced office KL. This enables the guests within Colony to eat healthy with ease.

Colony co-working space and serviced office KL provides you the avenue to achieve your new year resolutions within the confines of an office. Is it not the best co-working space and serviced office there is out there?


By Yao Victoria for Colony.