Are Co-working Spaces only for the Start-up and SME?


Serviced offices and Co-working spaces are usually thought to be for the start-up and SME. However, it has evolved to become much more than that

There has been a misconception regarding co-working spaces and serviced offices.

Most people are of the opinion that co-working spaces are places where the tech geeks and freelancers congregate to talk and exchange ideas for their new apps. Others are of the opinion that serviced offices are spaces for SME’s that do not have the money to be able to move into a “real office”.

A common misconception of what a co-working space looks like. Retrieved from https://blog.toggl.com/tech-employee-stereotypes-comic/

That might have been the case in the early 2010’s. However in recent years, the humble co-working space and serviced office has evolved to become much more than that.

Co-working spaces and serviced offices have moved beyond being just spaces that provide WiFi and coffee.

Nowadays, serviced offices and co-working spaces have become more attractive than even the conventional office.

The Crew Collective in Canada.

Ministry of New in India.

In fact large corporations like Microsoft and IBM have started moving employees into Co-working spaces across the globe.

Increasingly, more and more companies have started to move teams, departments, and even shift entire companies into co-working spaces. This has changed the entire scene, with the design, environment, and atmosphere moving towards the corporate style. However, it has still managed to maintain the dynamic and fun environment.

Serviced offices and co-working spaces are not only just for the start-ups and SME’s. They provide offices that all who require an office can be benefited from.

Community managers ensure that the work experience within the space is comfortable by checking on the guests under their care, ensuring that they have the best working environment possible. An onsite support team ensures that the maintenance and the cleanliness of the building is taken care of. This ensures that they only need to focus on their work alone.

The comfort of the guests are the top priority of serviced offices and co-working spaces. That is what sets it apart from the conventional office.

That is why co-working spaces and serviced offices are for all, not just the start-up or SME.


By Yao Victoria for Colony