What to look for in a co-working space or serviced office


Co-working spaces are now considered the offices of the future, which has led to the mushrooming of many such places. In fact, it seems like a new co-working space is launched every year. With so many locations and concepts to choose from, it might seem too daunting a task to even begin to search for a space. The sheer quantity of co-working and serviced office spaces might cause you to be disoriented.

We want to lend you a hand in the making of this momentous decision of choosing the right co-working space for your team. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a co-working space or a serviced office. Happy hunting!


Drive or walk around the location a few times and note the buildings surrounding it. Survey the surrounding area. Look out for malls, convenience stores, clinics, and hospitals.

Do keep in mind that a space located on prime land may mean that the price will be much higher than a location in the suburbs. A space located in the city centre will place you in the heart of the action. However, the trade off for that may mean you will have to plough through a jam every day.


When choosing a co-working space, transport is a major consideration as you will have to commute to and from your workplace everyday. Take note of the availability of parking spaces, and traffic conditions surrounding the office area. Figure out which roads are jammed, and find alternatives to those roads. A location that is accessible by public transport will be much more employee friendly as it means that there will be an option to use public transport to beat the jam.


Food is a make or break factor when it comes to Malaysia, a land characterized by its wide diversity of delicacies and cuisines available. Ideally, you would be located near a variety of food options from high end restaurants, midranged cafes and inexpensive hawker or mamak food. You wouldn’t want to have to travel long distances just to be able to grab a bite, especially when the hunger pangs kick in.


With the advent of technology, everything is accessible online. This makes an internet connection vital for the work place. The lack of or instability of an internet connection should not be a hindrance for you to complete your work, especially in this era of technology where everything can be and is done online. Look out for both Wifi and LAN connectivity. Do a few speed tests in the location when you go for a tour to determine the speed of the internet.


As confidential information is frequently handled in the office, security is a major concern. Physical safety of all users as well is important as we would not like to put ourselves and our colleagues at risk of being physically harmed. Please do ensure that the area has proper security measures and fire safety procedures in place, and is brightly lit. A plus point would be to have security guards in the vicinity. To ensure the safety of your confidential information, access cards or keys for your offices are essential.

Relaxation areas.

In a co-working space, it would be nice to have spaces to be able to kick back, relax, and take a break from work. Some relaxation spaces include but are not limited to lounge areas, play rooms, nap rooms, and massage rooms. Relaxation areas helps to give the mind a breather so that you are able to perform optimally.


Price is subjective as factors such as budget and work space needs play into influence. The cost of a closed-door private office will be much higher than the cost of a seat in a co-working area. The size of your team and the duration of the tenancy will also greatly influence your cost. Set a realistic budget, and work your way from there.


When you tour potential co-working spaces, always take note of the design. Do ensure that the building is suitably designed and up to government standards. Enquire about procedures for emergencies, and fire exit routes. When you walk about, take note that the exits are marked clearly, and ensure that the building is not a maze.

Another design aspect to note is the user friendliness of the design. There should be sufficient plug points, and LAN cable slots and they should not be located at places that are inaccessible, but rather close to the tables, or even better, on the tables itself. This is to ensure that you wouldn’t need to struggle just to find a place to charge your phone or laptop.

Most importantly, ensure that the point of entry and exit to your co-working space or serviced office is easily accessible.


Look out for these and no matter which co-working space you end up choosing, you will not regret your decision. We wish you happy hunting, and good luck!