The reason why we’re here

Colony was conceptualized as an idea.

“What if people were happy with the offices they work in?


Walking through KLCC park, we see faces of disgruntled employees not happy to be on their way to work.

In fact we used to be like that as well.

We used to be disgruntled with work.

Going back to the same packed, overcrowded office area with white walls and a user-unfriendly layout, it was the bane of our day.

We dreaded going back to the office.


What if there was an office that people were happy to work in?

An office which has great connectivity and is easily accessible by public transport, close to a multitude of food and shopping options.

An office with an in-house cafe where you can get barista brewed coffee and well balanced meals.

An office where there are relaxation rooms where you can get some shut eye after a long day of work, or a quick massage or manicure when you want it.

That was the basis of the office of the future.

We want to create an office that was as employee friendly as possible.


How does creating an office where employees are happy beneficial to the employers?

Happy employees are less likely to be dissatisfied, which will aid in staff retention.

This will save the employer time and energy, which means they do not need spend as much time and money in recruitment and training.

This is Colony.

The Co-working Serviced Office of the future.