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  • Colony: More than just a serviced office in KL

    November 18, 2017Uncategorized

    Colony aims to redefine the work experience of work in Malaysia and beyond. Here is how Colony sets itself apart from the traditional serviced office.

  • First co-working serviced office in KL to be profitable within 3 months

    November 11, 2017Colony Update

    It usually takes co-working spaces and serviced offices in KL 12-18 months to turn profitable. Colony has done it in only 3 months.

  • 5 reasons why Colony is better than the traditional serviced office in KL.

    November 4, 2017blog posts

    Serviced offices have been around KL for a while now, so whats the big hype about Colony?

    Here are 5 reasons why Colony is better than the traditional serviced office in KL.

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Co-working spaces

    October 29, 2017blog posts

    Co working spaces are all the rage. However, as with all things on the face of the earth, there are advantages and disadvantages to co-working space. Here we analyze them.

  • Whats the big deal about co-working?

    October 8, 2017Co-working

    In recent years, the concept of co-working has taken flight to become a world-wide phenomena with new co-working spaces being launched all over the world.
    This has caused co-working spaces to garner much attention from many different parties, the public, media, and even researchers, with a few research papers having been done on co-working.

  • The Colony Refer A Friend Program

    September 18, 2017Colony Update

    At Colony, our mission is to change the way we work.  And we are asking you to be a part of our mission: to change the way we work.

    Here's how you can help... and earn some cash while you're at it.

  • What to look for in a co-working space or serviced office

    September 8, 2017Co-working

    We want to lend you a hand in the making of this momentous decision of choosing the right co-working space for your team. As such, we have listed some factors to consider when choosing a co-working space or a serviced office below. Happy hunting!

  • Colony in the media

    August 14, 2017News

    Colony has been lucky to receive vast media attention form online and offline publications alike.

    Here are links to the media coverage of the launch.

  • Launch party of Colony co-working space KL

    August 11, 2017Colony Update

    Colony had a housewarming party to officially launch our co-working space on the 27th of July 2017.

  • First couple of Media Releases

    August 9, 2017Colony Update

    Colony is ecstatic to have received extensive media coverage so far, even before we officially launched on the 27th of July 2017. We would like to thank each and every person that has taken time out of their day to write about Colony. Thank you.

  • Here’s from Tim and Audrey

    August 3, 2017Colony Update

    These blog posts are from Tim and Audrey.

    Hear about their inspiration and motivations to build Colony, a co-working space where there is a seamless transition between living and working.

  • The reason why we’re here

    August 3, 2017Colony Update

    Colony was conceptualized as an idea.
    “What if people were happy with the offices they work in?