Category: Co-working

  • Is co-working just a fad?

    December 18, 2017Co-working

    Just a year ago, co-working spaces were all the rage all around the world. With countless co-working spaces mushrooming up, and many news outlets writing articles on it. However, with things starting to turn quiet, it makes us wonder; Is co-working just a fad?

  • Are Serviced Offices and Co-working Spaces only for the Start-up and SME?

    December 11, 2017blog posts

    Serviced offices and Co-working spaces are usually thought to be for the start-up and SME. However, it has evolved to become much more than that.

  • Top 5 co-working spaces in KL

    November 30, 2017blog posts

    Co-working spaces in KL seem to have it all.
    We break down the coolest features, and list down what we think are the top 5 co-working spaces in KL.

  • Traditional office or Serviced office space: Which is the best fit for your business?

    November 25, 2017Co-working

    Your new venture might have first started its operations in the comfort of your own home, but most businesses would eventually need to move into an office. The a vast option of offices available is overwhelming, which causes the process of choosing an office to be quite daunting and intimidating.

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Co-working spaces

    October 29, 2017blog posts

    Co working spaces are all the rage. However, as with all things on the face of the earth, there are advantages and disadvantages to co-working space. Here we analyze them.

  • Whats the big deal about co-working?

    October 8, 2017Co-working

    In recent years, the concept of co-working has taken flight to become a world-wide phenomena with new co-working spaces being launched all over the world.
    This has caused co-working spaces to garner much attention from many different parties, the public, media, and even researchers, with a few research papers having been done on co-working.

  • What to look for in a co-working space or serviced office

    September 8, 2017Co-working

    We want to lend you a hand in the making of this momentous decision of choosing the right co-working space for your team. As such, we have listed some factors to consider when choosing a co-working space or a serviced office below. Happy hunting!