Community Event: Fiesta Raya

Community Event: Fiesta Raya

June 28, 2018Colony Update

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, everybody! We hope you enjoyed your trips back to your hometowns and ‘kampungs’, binge eating on ‘kuih raya’ and receiving (or giving) ‘duit raya’. We at Colony had an awesome time as we celebrated our ‘Fiesta Raya’, a community event held to celebrate Raya and to bond with our guests through delicious traditional Malay food and fun games.

colony klcc event space food catererLucky draw prizes and delicious traditional Raya cuisines

colony monthly community eventTons of games for our guests to play with.


Most guests at Colony were seen enjoying themselves with delicious food and great conversation. The advantage of being in a co-working space allows one to communicate and interact with people out of their circle, especially through community events such as this.

colony coworking space hospitality

Colony Guests


Guests were also seen playing with the provided traditional games such as ‘congkak’, ‘guli’, ‘batu seremban’ and many more.

malaysia kids friendly office
Playing Hopscotch


Playing Batu Seremban
Battling against Queen of Batu Seremban


We also had a lucky draw contest where prizes such as vouchers, hampers and gift cards were up for grab. We also gave away prizes for ‘Best Dressed Guests’. Here are some of the lucky winners of the night.

Colony Community Event Lucky Draw
One of our lucky draw winners walking away with 24 cans of 100PLUS and 24 cans of Nescafe coffee.


Colony Community Event Lucky Draw
A guest who won a RM50 Bucolic voucher.


Colony Community Event
Our Best Dressed Winner



Overall, it was a fun night at Colony. We look forward to hosting our next community event.

malaysia coworking community event

Thank you for being part of our wonderful memories!working in colony coworking spae

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri once again!


By Thirumagal Sathasevam for Colony