Hot Desks or Private Offices in Coworking Space KL: Which is Suitable For You?

Hot Desks or Private Offices in Coworking Space KL: Which is Suitable for you?

What Is A Coworking Space KL? 

Coworking spaces are mainly shared workspaces, which includes private offices, dedicated desks and hotdesking to cater to a wide variety of business needs within the space. These conducive shared workspaces offer office amenities such as private meeting rooms and phone booths, event spaces, printing and scanning facilities, as well as coffee.

What do all coworking spaces have in common is that these shared places could create business opportunities through new networks and increase productivity at work.

What makes a difference between hot-desking and a reserved desk?

Coworking Space KL

Reserved Desk

Hot Desk

Hot Desking refers to a concept where guests can sit anywhere and may not be at the same desk during different periods. The office nomad who enjoys the flexibility of working in different spaces while working in a common area is one way to get their creative juices flowing. 

At Colony, hot desks are rented out at RM410 per month, or if it’s not flexible enough, you can also opt for our prepaid time passes by purchasing 100 hours at RM338. Guests can enjoy Colony’s exclusive partner perks and benefits, concierge services, office hour access to coworking area, Colony passport access, joining community events and preferred rates for conference room and event space.   

Reserved Desk

The reserved desk is for one specific individual for the duration of the booking and those who prefer an open space. It means you reserve the desk space throughout your stay with the coworking space KL. You will be able to enjoy the same privileges as a private office guest such as mail handling services, having a business address and access to all Colony locations with added benefits of 24/7 full access.

A Reserved Desk can be rented at RM920 per month. Phone booths are available within the reserved desk area, making it extremely convenient for guests to make private calls without any distractions. 

Coworking Space

Private Office

Private Offices

Private offices are more private and spacious, perfect for individuals who prefer some quiet space for concentration. These offices provide sufficient privacy to execute confidential lines of work.

Aside from that, the private office is fully customizable, and we’ll assist you every step of the way. It comes equipped with sturdy workstations and unlimited high-speed wifi, ergonomic chairs, air-conditioning, and carpeted floors. We are making you genuinely feel as if you’re working from home. 

The private office can be rented from RM2,390 per month with no automatic renewal on the agreement. It comes with the benefit of the conference room reservation credits, daily housekeeping and concierge services, mail and parcel handling services and as well as a prestigious business address.

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