Starter Pack – Entrepreneur Edition


Not every entrepreneur kicks off a startup with a million bucks. In fact, those who do exist in only very small margins.

How do you cope with huge piles of work on a measly budget when you’re the only one running the show? By bootstrapping your way to success. If it turns out well, you’ll have a modest rags to riches story.

The SAAS (Software As A Service) market is so saturated that you can find a solution to any business problem imaginable. Most of their basic versions are free to use, so you can multitask like a pro without breaking the bank.


A brilliant graphic design tool that even an intern who studied accounting can use. It’s delightfully simple. All you need to do is drag and drop. Resize, crop, or add a logo. Access a database of over a million fonts, photos, and illustrations. The possibilities are endless!


Ugly surveys are a thing of the past. You can now create user-friendly surveys with this free service. Get honest feedback from customers about your product or after-sales service.


A team communication solution tool that centralises all business activities in one place. The cloud software makes it easy to access files and data that would otherwise have to be shared among members manually. It has more than 4 million users today but hey, can’t say we’re surprised.


A lot like Pinterest, but much more professional to use. You are often inspired by things that you stumble across online. This platform is the faithful buddy that holds on to your treasures and presents them to you in a neat manner.


A no-frills social media publishing tool that is going to free up a lot of your precious time. You won’t have to interrupt your work every other day. Prepare your posts in bulk and schedule them at one go.


Scribbling on a physical pad is hardly practical, especially when you’re an entrepreneur. You need a catch-all solution that helps you organise your personal and professional life. Lucky for you, this software syncs with just about any standard electronic device in the market, so that leaves a bit of breathing space for your brain, doesn’t it?


A lovely financial software for entrepreneurs who can’t yet afford to hire a dedicated executive. Track accounting, invoicing, payments, and payrolls – the whole works for next to nothing. It makes finance seem like a walk in the park.

Many entrepreneurs have succeeded with fewer resources than this. With the right business idea, we’re confident you will make it!